Top 5 Best Dog Toys For Chihuahuas in 2023 – Reviews & Favorites

Chihuahuas are energetic and playful dogs who love to play with toys. However, not all toys are created equal when it comes to this small breed. Chihuahuas have unique needs and preferences when it comes to toys, and it can be challenging to find ones that they will love and that are safe for them to play with. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite chihuahua dog toys, featuring a selection of the best toys for chihuahuas that are both fun and safe. From chew toys to interactive games, these articles will provide you with plenty of options to keep your furry friend entertained and mentally stimulated. Whether you’re a new chihuahua owner or looking for new toys for your long-time companion, these articles are sure to have something that your chihuahua will love.


Importance of Chew Toys

First of all, chew toys are SO important for dogs, especially puppies who are teething because they provide a safe and appropriate outlet for their natural chewing behavior. Puppies go through a teething phase where their adult teeth replace their baby teeth, and this can cause discomfort and a strong urge to chew. Without proper chew toys, puppies may resort to chewing on inappropriate items such as furniture, shoes, or even electrical cords, which can be dangerous and damaging to their health. Chew toys also promote healthy teeth and gums by helping to remove plaque and tartar buildup and strengthening the jaw muscles. Overall, chew toys provide mental and physical stimulation, relieve anxiety and boredom, and promote healthy chewing habits in dogs of all ages.


1. Petcare Chew Toys for Teething Dogs (6-pack)


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2. FAIRWIN Puppy Treat Dispensing Chew Toys

This treat-dispensing chew toy is a game changer. This toy can keep your dog entertained for hours while you’re not home. They need to keep rolling it around and chewing on it to get treats out. The material is durable and perfect to satisfy your dog’s chewing habits.


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3. SHARLOVY Squeaky Dog Toys With No Stuffing (6-pack)

If your Chihuahua is anything like mine, it desperately needs a furry friend to cuddle and play with. My Chihuahua always finds a way to get to the stuffing. That is exactly why this toy, which doesn’t have any stuffing, provides a safe option for your Chihuahua’s furry friend.


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4. HOLYSTEED Squeaky Rubber Fetch Toy (6-pack)

This toy is perfect for playing fetch. It bounces well, squeaks, and it’s also water-proof making it the perfect option for playing in the water!


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5. Jalousie Squeaky Dog Toys (18-pack)

This 18-pack is great value and provides your Chihuahua with plenty of additional options when choosing a toy. From our experience, these toys are surprisingly durable despite the price!


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